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Despite many years of study of basalioma, the causes of occurrence have not been precisely determined.

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  • The appearance of these tumors is most often associated with skin diseases, most of which are more common in older people (after 50 years). In childhood and adolescence, they are very rare, and in the case of a diagnosis of basalioma in children, it is usually associated with congenital anomalies, for example, Gorlin-Goltz syndrome.

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It has been proven that frequent and prolonged exposure to sunlight often causes most skin diseases, and the risk of developing basalioma also increases. You should not ignore the tumor, even if it does not cause inconvenience to the patient, basalioma is dangerous because in the process of flexeril pills development, it grows into the deep layers,thereby destroying soft, cartilaginous and bone tissues. THV11 Skin diseases of basalioma during fully formed neoplasms have a characteristic appearance, so that the doctor can make a diagnosis immediately after examining the patient. In the early stages of development, the tumor looks like a simple pimple, which does not cause discomfort to the patient at all. Fox 16 Arkansas Savvy Gradually, in the process of growth of the basalioma, the tumor becomes nodular, and even later an ulcerative or erosive surface of the affected skin area is formed. Based on the data of the international classification of cyclobenzaprine, there are three main types of skin cancer: Fibro-epithelial; Scleroderma; Surface. AAMFT Factors that may contribute to the development of basaliomas include: ultraviolet irradiation; ionizing radiation; prolonged exposure to sunlight; exposure to carcinogenic and toxic substances; skin injuries (burns, cuts, etc.); impaired functioning of the body's immune system; viral infections; genetic predisposition; heredity. SBIA Nominee 2019

single - the disease is characterized by one focus, which is sometimes difficult to notice, especially if it is a basalioma of the scalp; multiple basaliomas - diagnosed in the presence of a large number of foci of the disease. Tumors can be located absolutely on any part of the human body: back, chest, forehead, and even affect the legs. In most cases, basalioma is localized on the skin of the face and head. With the localization of the disease on the scalp, multiple and single basaliomas, the presence of which is difficult to notice under the hairline, are often diagnosed in the later stages of development. There are such main types of basalioma:

Superficial basalioma - this form manifests itself in the form of a plaque with a diameter of up to 3 cm. Usually they have a red-brown color and a large number of small vessels.

On the surface, a flat plaque has crusts that can erode, but, despite this, the superficial form of the tumor is favorable.

cyclobenzaprine (flexeril) - this form manifests itself in the form of a nodule that rises above the skin.

This type of tumor is not characterized by superficial growth.

Pigmented basaliomas - such tumors are presented in the form of a pigment containing melanin, which is the reason for its dark color and similarity with another form of malignant tumors - melanoma.

Cicatricial-atrophic basaliomas (scleroderma-like) - this type looks like a scar, which is localized under the level of the skin.

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In the course of development, the tumor may alternate with scarring and erosion, as a result of which the patient has fresh erosions and tumor scars. Gradually, the neoplasm grows and affects neighboring areas of the skin, and scars form in the middle. Ulcerative basaliomas (or nodular-ulcerative) - such tumors pose a serious threat, as they rapidly destroy the soft tissues that surround the neoplasm. Most often, ulcerative basaliomas are located on the corners of the eyes and on the eyelids, so the disease is often called eyelid basalioma or eye basalioma.

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Also, the tumor can occur on the scalp and in the nasolabial folds. Solid basalioma (nodular) - this form of the disease is located in the same areas of the skin as the previous type, but differs in the growth of skin formations outward, and not deep into the skin layers.

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